The Kitchen Sink

I have just finished the next block in the Stitch A Long.  It’s Kitchen Sink Camel.  I like the colors in it and the use of the metalic threads brighten it up more.  I haven’t added the tassels along the reins but I will add it shortly.  Amazingly it didn’t take it too long to do this one.

SAL – block 1

Well it is finished – the first block in the Stich A Long called Long time ago in Bethleham.  I think it came up very well.  I like the back ground fabric as it works well with the colors.  I am now starting on the next wone which is called Kitchen sink camel.  I can’t wait till it is also finished as it has some very nice colors and interesting parts to it.

SAL – aka Stitch a long

Have you heard of the term SAL?  Well I hadn’t until I picked the christmas edition of Homespun.  Well while I was reading it, I found a lovely design that I liked.  So I slowly brought the fabric which was Moda Primative Gathering.  The pattern suggests white but I like the colors in Moda Primative Gathering as it looks like what the colors would be in the desert.  Then I got the cottons and cut out the first fabric and traced the pattern out and started to create the new pattern.  I’m a block behind and it is looking good.  It is called Long time ago in Bethleham but as I am sewing it I keep thinking of Bone M song. 

Block three finished.

This is the third block in Christmas In Italy.  I love the fabrics which are Sentimental from Three Sisters.  I still two blocks behind but will easily catch up.  What I like is the fact that the lines are not exact but very rustic – I guess like the house would be like in Italy.  I have seen the one being done at The Christmas Beetle and I love how we have used different colours.  They should both look beautiful when finished….happy stitching.

In full bloom

Ok, I know but I just couldn’t help myself.  When I say the fabrics…well you know I just had to buy it.  It was great to get it in a kit form.  I got it at Whatever Whereever (I’ve added their website on my page).  I say the finish product at the shop and it looked wonderful.


When I heard about this quilt, I really wanted to create it.  The challenge was that it is a mystery quilt so I don’t know what I am doing next.  I love Lynette Anderson’s quilts, and after starting this one I brought another one which is called Christmas Fun (yes another christmas quilt).  I have only done 2 blocks at the moment, but isn’t that what happens with quilting – you start a project and interchange with another project.  Above is block 2 called Forest Floor – it has a squirel button to be put on it but  I haven’t add the buttons yet as I will add them when finished. And below is The Dell – this one has the a bird button to be placed on it