When I heard about this quilt, I really wanted to create it.  The challenge was that it is a mystery quilt so I don’t know what I am doing next.  I love Lynette Anderson’s quilts, and after starting this one I brought another one which is called Christmas Fun (yes another christmas quilt).  I have only done 2 blocks at the moment, but isn’t that what happens with quilting – you start a project and interchange with another project.  Above is block 2 called Forest Floor – it has a squirel button to be put on it but  I haven’t add the buttons yet as I will add them when finished. And below is The Dell – this one has the a bird button to be placed on it

Christmas In Italy

As you can see I love christmas.  I went into a shop a few months ago called The Christmas Beetle.  I love going there.  Well, at the time I went into the shop, they were going a block of the month called Christmas in Italy.  I feel in love with it and so my passion for quilting commenced.  The design is by Lenna Green based on her holiday in Italy.  As I stitch, and cut and create each block I wish I as in Italy.  I have of late been a bit behind in the block month but am catching up.