Another new quilt kit

When I saw this quilt kit, I feel in love with it.  This one is by Rosalie Quinlan  and uses red and pink through out it.  I have started to buy the fabrics to go with it and have the cottons already brought.  I brought the DMC which has shades of pink and red in it.  I think it will be alright, but we shall see.  The quilt is called Scandinavian Rose and comes as a 6 pattern pack with 14 blocks.  I like the european flavour through out this quilt.  It should be very lovely when it is finished with it being 27½ inches (70 cm) by 12½ inches (32 cm).

Block four completed….finally

I really like this block.  The thought that of a jazz band playing up in heaven is very cute.  This block used a lot of metalic cotton and it turned out very nice.  This block is one of the longest blocks in this quilt.  I was actually hoping to have it finieshed before the release of the next block.  Now to press it and put it in a safe place till I have finished all the other blocks.

Christmas Cards

Ok I started this a couple of days ago but just finished this block this afternoon – I know I still have to do the blank stitch around this block.  I like it when I first say it at my friends shop called The Christmas Beetle.  After looking around for this quilt that had been around for a number of years, I found it and was only able to get the pattern.  I have used a number of fabrics that I like and hope that it will look great when completed.  The marble fabric looks great, and I love the fabric for the christmas tree as it looks like there really is decorations on the tree.  The boarders are jelly rolls.  I didn’t think it would be so big but it is over 17 inches by 20 inches.  The design is made by Kookaburra Cottage Quilts and is a 10 month BOM.  When this is finished it should be about 173 by 173 cms.Christmas Cards


Well the fourth month of Fernhill is now finished.  There were so many french knots – I don’t mind doing french knots but there must have been 100 in total to the blueberries.  I can’t wait for this quilt to be finished as I think it will really look like you are looking into the forest and seeing the animals and nature together. 

Third Block completed

Well I’ve know its been a little while since I have written, but I have been busy – unfortunately most as been with work  and arranging for some new home improvements (fencing to keep my puppy in and a brand new wood heater).  I also treated myself and went to see Barry Humphrey’s last show in Melbourne.  It was excellent possums.  While on the bus, I did find time to undertake a bit of quilting.  I took with me the fourth block in Fernhill – there are lots of french notes in it to give the appearance of berries.  I eventually was able to down load the next pattern in the Long time ago in Bethleham – it is called Megaphone Angel.  It was stiched very quickly but I found the metallic cottons a challenge to stitch with due to them fraying.  I found it better to use shorter lengths to do the pattern.  I also used pewter instead of silver and I feel it better highlighted the angel’s wings.  Oh well one more day at work and off for a few days.  Attending a sewing class where I will be making Jingle Berry.  I can’t wait.