Little Green Frog – Block 3

Wow I am loving doing this quilt.  This is my first time of making bias bar stems.  I know I haven’t finished it but just thought I had to share.  I didn’t have a bias bar, so turn it into the right way I used a needle and thread.  I think they turn out alright.  I like how it blended in the with frog and give the view of the frog hanging on to a stem.  I still have more to go on it.  This desigh was created by Liz Stanway from Teddlywinks.

Fabric for Long time ago in Bethleham

Well I orderd some fabirc the other day from The Quilters’ Store. The fabrics I picked fitted with the theme of the quilt.  They were Good tidings of great joy, Holiday favourites, Jingle all the ways and Tried and true all by Nancy Halvorsen, and the backing fabric was by Willow called Starlight Quilt backing in a lime color.  Now all I need to get is a purple that fits that theme and finish the quilt and I have a new quilt.

Quilt Aid 2011 – Whimsy and Wonder Quilt

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Well I have just started to create block 9 in the Quilt Aid 2011 Whimsy and Wonder.  It may seem strange for someone to start with block 9 but I think that this was my favourite at the time.  This is the first time that I have made flying geese so here is my tail.  The design was by Natalie Lymer of Cinderberry Stitches.  The instructions were very simple and I think they turned out quiet well.  I had to finished due to the iron board breaking as a use this to set my sewing machine on so now I have to buy a new ironing board which I have had for over twenty years.  Oh well….