Keep it down

Isn’t funny when you are trying to get a little bit of rest, everyone else has other ideas.  I feel sorry for the Inn Keeper in this picture.  All the sheep and people around would keep me awake as well.  Stitching the sheep was quite a challenge – I still don’t know if they really look like sheep but I am happy with them.  I found the star of Bethlehem very challenging – I wasn’t happy with it and unpicked it twice.  I’m more happy with the end result.  Bring on the next block…just please make it simple.

New sewing machine

Ok I am really excited as I ordered a new sewing machine the other day.  There is nothing wrong with my old machine which is a Brother but it this one does blanket stitch and some other fancy stitch.  So after waiting for it, the machine arrived today.  I had started to unpack the box, and couldn’t find the foot for the machine but child found it for me.  I was a little bit disappointed that it didn’t have a hard cover.  It was easy to work – I was able to sew some projects together and was very happy with it.  I discovered that it had a marker that showed quilter how to do a 1/4 inch seam.  When you used the machine it was very simple to use.  I found the easy threader a little bit challenging to use – perhaps because I am so use to my brother machine.  The thread cutter is a little bit difficult to reach for but I will get the hang of it.  The one thing I found annoying is when you took the your foot off the machine – the machine still kept going for 1 or 2 stitches.  I just think I need to get to know my new machine better which only means more sewing.

How to do a curve window

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I was doing the 5th block in Chirstmas in Italy.  The house requires three curved windows.  It is not like I haven’t done these before but have found putting notches into them not effective for me and I have just needled turned them with very little success in getting the ideal shape.  This time I followed the technieque of makeing a yo-yo.  This allowed me to get the curve which I was much happier with.  I first tacked down the straight folds to provide the starting frame of the window.  Then I used a tacking stitch along the area I wanted to curve then pulled it together which resulted in the curving of the fabric.  From their I stitched the window down and it was completed I lovely curved window.

Block 4

Wow it has been a while since I did this block, but now it is finished it is looking quiet good.  The pine trees I made quiet thick as that is what I imagine they would look like.  I found the windows very challenging to do as they are done in needle turning technique – so small to do yet challenging.  I have been good and kept up with the purchase of the blocks and I have just picked up the 8th block – so tempted to do with santa flying up in sky but I will be good and avoid the temptation.

The Pudding

Lets face it the best part of christmas besides the presents, the decorations and the christmas dinner is the christmas pudding.  I remember eating christmas pudding and hopping to find the money inside.  Alas, my children don’t enjoy christmas pudding but that does mean I can’t have it all to myself.  Unlike Lynette’s christmas pudding, mine does not have a teddy bear on top.  I can just imagine the custard running down the pudding though.  If you look closely at this pudding you can see a reindeer from one of Lynette’s Christmas Fun range.

Rambling Vine

Slowly I can start to imagine this quilt come together.  I can picture the dell with rambling flowering vine in a spring while the bees float around collecting their pollen to make honey.  I can’t wait to join these blocks together.  I still have some other pieces to add to this quilt – the log cabin blocks and the stash edges.  Angela from Sew Bright Apline Quilt is still working on the suggestings for the other pieces of fabric for this quilt.  It shall be very interesting what she comes up with as what she has done this far is so great. 

Mice Burglars

Wow, block number 7 now completed.  I can’t wait to the next one.  It was so nice to do one that was very quick and easy to complete.  I’m still finding the metalics a challenge to work with but love the look they give the finish block.  Oh would have thought that mice would steal the gold, frankincense and myrrh. Oh by the way, did you get this months Homespun?  Natashia has a lovely quilt in it which is a nursery rhyme theme. Its very cute…might have to find some more fabric for that quilt.  SHHH just don’t tell the children or I’m in trouble again.