Long time ago in Bethleham…

Well I think it was about July when I first say this block in Homespun.  I fell in love with it.  So I commenced at working out my background fabric and brought my cottons and stabilizer backing.  I traced the pattern every so carefully and started to stitch my first block.  Then to find the other fabric need to complete this quilt – all that worked so well together.  Each fortnight I waited for the next quilt – sometimes it didn’t come online when it should.  Cut the block, trace the pattern and iron the stabilizer on commence stitching.  In most cases I did have the blocks finished before the next one and there were some that I just cursed at with the thread not working my way.  But in the end, it came together with the binding now completed – it is now finished.  Thankyou very much Homespun and Natashia Curtin of Smee Designs for a wonderful quilt.  The only thing now is to do my label….Long Time Ago In Bethleham


4 thoughts on “Long time ago in Bethleham…

  1. Donna it’s just gorgeous, I have to get mine out again – I knew as soon as Christmas was over I’d put it away, lol. Thanks for the inspiration, hon! You did a wonderful job on this!


    • Oh Allie thankyou. I found I had a lot of fabric left over but I’ve started to make some plans for it. The back was done in a lime color from one of Nancy Halvorsen’s fabrics Wondering Star which I got as a wide piece and it looked lovely. I can’t wait for yours to be finished and I can have a look.


  2. Donna, your Long Time Ago in Bethlehem SAL looks great. We’d love you to send us a letter and pics for possible inclusion in Readers’ Showcase.
    Elizabeth Newton
    Deputy Editor, Homespun


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