New toy


Simplicity Bias Tape Maker


Finished bias strip

Every time I have had to make bias I tend to burn my fingers.  Well I brought a Bias Tape Maker which is just what I need to have when having to make bias.  I’m currently also doing Berries and Bluebirds by Gail Pan and the first block uses 1/4 inch bias.  Conclusion – I love my new toy as I have no burnt fingers and made my bias very simply.

3 thoughts on “New toy

    • It’s not hard to use. Cut the bias as you normally would. I then put a piece of cotton with the needle on it and then thread it through the bias tip. Put the bias tip into the machine and turn the machine on and pull the cotton through till you see the fabric then let the machine do the work. When I play with my iron to do little things I tend to get burnt but I haven’t (yet) with this machine. Really quick and easy to use.


  1. Hi Donna, I love my bias maker. I bought it last year and have used it quite a lot. I don’t bother winding the fabric onto the bobbin and just feed it through with my hands . I also used the single fold binding nozzle to make the binding for my last quilt.


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