Just about finished

This quilt has been a little challenging.  I decided to do block 4 after finishing block 2.  After completing block 4, I did the cut up for the fabric – the squares and the boarders.  I then attached the squares onto block 1, 2 and 4 (I noted in the original that block 1 needed 5 squared but really needed 6 down the sides).  Then I connected the first part of block 3 to block 1 then connected block 2.  After that I connected the rest of block 3 to block 3 and 3.  And finally connecting the last block to the others.  Finish with putting on the other parts and almost finished.  Plant a tree on block 3.  Now all that needs to be done is some leaves, apples, a bird house and a couple of flowers and a bird.   Then I have finished the top of the quilt.  I have the backing fabric and have already done the binding – so attach that and do a little quilting and there is a baby’s quilt.


2 thoughts on “Just about finished

  1. Yes it is a lovely quilt. I have actually brought 2 lots of fabric to make another one for me. I’m hoping the lucky baby that gets this quilt will love it as much. I have a feeling both mum and dad will like it too.


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