Christmas in Italy block 5

Christmas in Italy

Well it is finished – block number 5 in Christmas in Italy.  When doing this one I didn’t line the pattern up  correctly and had to retrace the pattern.  I’m really starting to think it feels like an Italian village.  Now to start and number 6 so I can get this one finished.  Oh so little time and so many quilts……

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas

Hello everyone I hope you had a happy Christmas and New Year. I spent it with my children. I have almost finished Long Time Ago In Bethleham, had a little problem with finishing Twas the night before Christmas and am slowly catching up with Christmas in Italy and Fernhill which only means I have to get my act together. I am hoping to have Long Time Ago In Bethleham finished over the weekend. I hope you and yours had a wonder time and I’ll catch up again.

Ok I need to learn to count

Well I am a bit behind with this project – Michelle at The Christmas Beetle, has basically finished hers.  It turns out that when I looked at the quilt it was block 7 when it should have been block 5.  I like the house and how the vines climb up the wall.  Well, not to do number 5 which I have just got set up and have to cut out the applique pieces.

Christmas in Italy


How to do a curve window

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I was doing the 5th block in Chirstmas in Italy.  The house requires three curved windows.  It is not like I haven’t done these before but have found putting notches into them not effective for me and I have just needled turned them with very little success in getting the ideal shape.  This time I followed the technieque of makeing a yo-yo.  This allowed me to get the curve which I was much happier with.  I first tacked down the straight folds to provide the starting frame of the window.  Then I used a tacking stitch along the area I wanted to curve then pulled it together which resulted in the curving of the fabric.  From their I stitched the window down and it was completed I lovely curved window.

Block 4

Wow it has been a while since I did this block, but now it is finished it is looking quiet good.  The pine trees I made quiet thick as that is what I imagine they would look like.  I found the windows very challenging to do as they are done in needle turning technique – so small to do yet challenging.  I have been good and kept up with the purchase of the blocks and I have just picked up the 8th block – so tempted to do with santa flying up in sky but I will be good and avoid the temptation.

Block three finished.

This is the third block in Christmas In Italy.  I love the fabrics which are Sentimental from Three Sisters.  I still two blocks behind but will easily catch up.  What I like is the fact that the lines are not exact but very rustic – I guess like the house would be like in Italy.  I have seen the one being done at The Christmas Beetle and I love how we have used different colours.  They should both look beautiful when finished….happy stitching.

Christmas In Italy

As you can see I love christmas.  I went into a shop a few months ago called The Christmas Beetle.  I love going there.  Well, at the time I went into the shop, they were going a block of the month called Christmas in Italy.  I feel in love with it and so my passion for quilting commenced.  The design is by Lenna Green based on her holiday in Italy.  As I stitch, and cut and create each block I wish I as in Italy.  I have of late been a bit behind in the block month but am catching up.