The Pudding

Lets face it the best part of christmas besides the presents, the decorations and the christmas dinner is the christmas pudding.  I remember eating christmas pudding and hopping to find the money inside.  Alas, my children don’t enjoy christmas pudding but that does mean I can’t have it all to myself.  Unlike Lynette’s christmas pudding, mine does not have a teddy bear on top.  I can just imagine the custard running down the pudding though.  If you look closely at this pudding you can see a reindeer from one of Lynette’s Christmas Fun range.

Yes another Lynette Anderson design

I know another Lynette Anderson design, but what can I say but I like them.  I haven’t put the buttons on these as I’m frightened that I might lose them.  I’m using Moda snowflake in white for the background and Flurry by Kate Spain.  The colors are bright and I am starting to like them very much.