Which Way???

I’m loving doing this quilt.  The idea of three men getting loss is very funny.  Each wise men look very beautiful but I found the wise man on the camel challenging due to the crosses on his robe.  The camel is meant to have the tassels on it but again I’ll wait till it is finished.  Now on to the next one…and finish some of the others that I haven’t been concentrating on.

Fabric for Long time ago in Bethleham

Well I orderd some fabirc the other day from The Quilters’ Store. The fabrics I picked fitted with the theme of the quilt.  They were Good tidings of great joy, Holiday favourites, Jingle all the ways and Tried and true all by Nancy Halvorsen, and the backing fabric was by Willow called Starlight Quilt backing in a lime color.  Now all I need to get is a purple that fits that theme and finish the quilt and I have a new quilt.

Block four completed….finally

I really like this block.  The thought that of a jazz band playing up in heaven is very cute.  This block used a lot of metalic cotton and it turned out very nice.  This block is one of the longest blocks in this quilt.  I was actually hoping to have it finieshed before the release of the next block.  Now to press it and put it in a safe place till I have finished all the other blocks.

Third Block completed

Well I’ve know its been a little while since I have written, but I have been busy – unfortunately most as been with work  and arranging for some new home improvements (fencing to keep my puppy in and a brand new wood heater).  I also treated myself and went to see Barry Humphrey’s last show in Melbourne.  It was excellent possums.  While on the bus, I did find time to undertake a bit of quilting.  I took with me the fourth block in Fernhill – there are lots of french notes in it to give the appearance of berries.  I eventually was able to down load the next pattern in the Long time ago in Bethleham – it is called Megaphone Angel.  It was stiched very quickly but I found the metallic cottons a challenge to stitch with due to them fraying.  I found it better to use shorter lengths to do the pattern.  I also used pewter instead of silver and I feel it better highlighted the angel’s wings.  Oh well one more day at work and off for a few days.  Attending a sewing class where I will be making Jingle Berry.  I can’t wait.

SAL – block 1

Well it is finished – the first block in the Stich A Long called Long time ago in Bethleham.  I think it came up very well.  I like the back ground fabric as it works well with the colors.  I am now starting on the next wone which is called Kitchen sink camel.  I can’t wait till it is also finished as it has some very nice colors and interesting parts to it.

SAL – aka Stitch a long

Have you heard of the term SAL?  Well I hadn’t until I picked the christmas edition of Homespun.  Well while I was reading it, I found a lovely design that I liked.  So I slowly brought the fabric which was Moda Primative Gathering.  The pattern suggests white but I like the colors in Moda Primative Gathering as it looks like what the colors would be in the desert.  Then I got the cottons and cut out the first fabric and traced the pattern out and started to create the new pattern.  I’m a block behind and it is looking good.  It is called Long time ago in Bethleham but as I am sewing it I keep thinking of Bone M song.