Sleigh house

I’ve been catching up on Welcome to the North Pole. I’ve almost finished this block – just got to put the sign on it. I have of course been doing another but I’m sure there is a mistake in it so I’m going to order more fabric to complete it. As for my sewing machine – it’s holidaying at the repair shop and I hope it will be back soon.


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Slowly coming together

I’ve been busy trying to juggle things in my life the last couple of weeks.  What with family and work and studies, I have had very little time to do as much quilting as I would like.  I have been able to complete something small things.  I have completed at least the small stitchery in BOM 3 of It’s Time for Christmas.  It’s a lovely little basket full of candy.

It's time for Christmas

I’ve also had to catch up with another BOM I’m doing – Welcome to the North Pole.  I have done two blocks – The Marble House and the Sleigh Shed.  Some I have not completed the later though.

WP_20130729_004 Welcome to the North Pole (1) Welcome to the North Pole

 I also been trying to complete a few more things and working on a few more…just need more times in the day.  Holidays are coming up for me so I should be able to do some more.

Welcome to the North Pole – May

I know that I’ve been a bit slow with only doing one block a month, but I have been busy and (cough, cough) sick.  This months is the Ice Creamery, and lets face it who doesn’t love ice cream.  I’m still doing the final blank stitch for this quilt but I am happy with the way this block  is coming along.   It does need some embellishment to be done to it and I have found some buttons that I will order shortly – including wheels which I need for the other blocks.  Again you may note that I have hand stitched the shop sign – I think it looks very nice.

 Welcome to the North PoleWelcome to the North Pole

Welcome to the North Pole – April

Hasn’t time flown by so quickly and now we are in May.  I have just finished the next part of the Welcome to the North Pole called The North Pole Bakery.  I couldn’t find a pen to write the name so I decided to hand stitch it.  I think it looks alright.  I have used a combination of both applique and needle-turning to do this quilt.  Since I got my Bias Making Machine, I decided that I would use it to make some of the parts of the house so I did bias work around the windows, door frame and the roof too.  Hopefully I’ll be able to keep up and get this quilt finished before Christmas – bit of challenge though.  I have already done three blocks which leaves twelve more to do….

Welcome to the North Pole Welcome to the North Pole

Welcome to the North Pole

I saw this quilt I thought it was so cute.  I brought it as BOM from Angels in Gumboots and there BOM is done in applique.  My plan it to do it in applique and maybe needle turn.  When I open the book, well lets just say I was absolutely overwhelm.  A lot of the pieces are very small so thus my decision to do it as an applique.  I’ve just started one block and intend to complete the more easier ones first.  Lucky, I don’t have to do fabric selection as that hard work has been done for me.  Here are the fabric selections for The Marble House, Welcome, Reindeer Barn and the completed Block Star

The Marble House

The Marble House



Reindeer Barn

Reindeer Barn



Busy busy

Ok this is the first day of my holidays (yeah!!!!) and I have so much to do.  I’m currently doing a course at university and this starts today.  I have also commenced a number of quilts despite not finishing some already.  But I do have a good reason for starting some of them.  The first one is that this quilt, Lynette Anderson’s A Dog’s Life, is a baby blanket for a friend I know.  Yes a dog design blanket for a baby blanket – crazy but it will be perfect.  I had spotted a new quilt called Welcome to the North Pole and I am doing it with other ladies who are online as a stitch-a-long where we show our work by the last Wednesday of each month.  I’m doing my quilt through Angels in Gumboots and am doing it in applique with a small number of needle turning.  The quilt looks quiet challenging.  If you have this quilt and wish to join in click here to direct you to the site.