There’s a green frog in my pond

Well, there’s a little green frog in my pond.  He is so cute hanging in there using a lily stem.  I love how the shape of the lilys have turned out – I used glue to help the curving stay in place.  The stems were a bit challenging having to turn them inside out but they turned out so great.  This is one of the Quilt Aid blocks and I think you can still get them – just look on the website You will also find examples of how to finish the quilts.

Quilt Aid

Little Green Frog – Block 3

Wow I am loving doing this quilt.  This is my first time of making bias bar stems.  I know I haven’t finished it but just thought I had to share.  I didn’t have a bias bar, so turn it into the right way I used a needle and thread.  I think they turn out alright.  I like how it blended in the with frog and give the view of the frog hanging on to a stem.  I still have more to go on it.  This desigh was created by Liz Stanway from Teddlywinks.

Quilt Aid 2011 – Whimsy and Wonder Quilt

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Well I have just started to create block 9 in the Quilt Aid 2011 Whimsy and Wonder.  It may seem strange for someone to start with block 9 but I think that this was my favourite at the time.  This is the first time that I have made flying geese so here is my tail.  The design was by Natalie Lymer of Cinderberry Stitches.  The instructions were very simple and I think they turned out quiet well.  I had to finished due to the iron board breaking as a use this to set my sewing machine on so now I have to buy a new ironing board which I have had for over twenty years.  Oh well….