Another new quilt kit

When I saw this quilt kit, I feel in love with it.  This one is by Rosalie Quinlan  and uses red and pink through out it.  I have started to buy the fabrics to go with it and have the cottons already brought.  I brought the DMC which has shades of pink and red in it.  I think it will be alright, but we shall see.  The quilt is called Scandinavian Rose and comes as a 6 pattern pack with 14 blocks.  I like the european flavour through out this quilt.  It should be very lovely when it is finished with it being 27½ inches (70 cm) by 12½ inches (32 cm).

Block four completed….finally

I really like this block.  The thought that of a jazz band playing up in heaven is very cute.  This block used a lot of metalic cotton and it turned out very nice.  This block is one of the longest blocks in this quilt.  I was actually hoping to have it finieshed before the release of the next block.  Now to press it and put it in a safe place till I have finished all the other blocks.